Welcome to Buckinghamshire Federation

Joycelyn CullFederation Chairman

Welcome to the Buckinghamshire WI - A Place of Connection and Inspiration

Welcome to the Buckinghamshire Federation of Women's Institutes! Stretching from Taplow and Hitcham in the south to Olney in the north, our Federation is a vibrant community of women dedicated to friendship, learning, and making a difference.

Join the Movement: More Than Just a Membership

Our mission is not just to grow our numbers but to nurture every member's potential. Whether you're looking to join an existing WI or start a new one, our dedicated team of WI Advisers is here to guide and support you. Inclusivity is at our core, and we've innovated with the times – our Virtual WI, Swan Sisters, established in 2021, ensures that no one is left behind due to circumstances.

Empowerment Through Collaboration and Learning

Our Trustees and Sub-Committees are the heartbeat of our organisation, working tirelessly to provide enriching experiences. As we navigate post-pandemic life, we're excited to offer a lineup of inspirational events throughout Buckinghamshire. Stay informed with our monthly newsletter, crafted with care and delivered directly to your inbox.

Strength in Unity

In these challenging times, the camaraderie and support of like-minded women are invaluable. We stand together, stronger and more resilient.

Stay Connected

Discover the latest from Buckinghamshire WI on our website www.bucksfwi.uk and join our Facebook community at www.facebook.com/buckinghamshireWIs

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Your journey with the Buckinghamshire Federation of WIs starts here. Be part of something special. Click here www.bucksfwi.uk to Sign Up for the Bucks Newsletter and begin your WI adventure.