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Joycelyn CullFederation Chairman

Buckinghamshire has around 4,200 members in 119 WIs. The oldest WI in the county, Ivinghoe, was opened in 1917 and celebrated its centenary in 2017 as the enlarged Ivinghoe and Pitstone WI. The newest WI in the county, The Sherington Belles, was opened in January 2020. The federation was formed in 1920 and in 2020 celebrates its centenary.

We have an active network of Trustees and Sub-Committees who organise events ranging from cultural visits, scientific and special interest days to craft workshops, dabble days to holidays and celebrations. The Federation also gets involved in the community; in autumn 2018 the Federation organised a Modern Day Slavery - on Your Doorstep? conference in Milton Keynes. Members heard from expert speakers, joined in the debate and participated in a facilitated group discussion.

A monthly newsletter to which members subscribe and our website www.bucksfwi.org.uk give information about future events and federation news. I hope that we shall be able to welcome you to our events and to the Annual Council Meeting our business meeting held at the Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury each spring. As well as being a popular social gathering, the meeting offers an insight into the workings of the federation and a chance to hear some well-known guest speakers.

Campaigning has always been important to Buckinghamshire WI members. In 1935 we expressed concern at the prevalence of diphtheria in the county, in 1936 we campaigned for an improvement in the standard of milk and in 1943 for all village schools to have water and modern sanitation. More recently we have been urging an improvement in the aftercare of stroke survivors on discharge from hospital. In 2017 the Buckinghamshire WI resolution to end Plastic Soup in our oceans became a national WI campaign.

Whatever you want to achieve, I am sure there will be someone either at local WI level or from within the federation who can find you the opportunity you are looking for.

Enjoy your visit to our website www.bucksfwi.org.uk and Facebook pages https://www.facebook.com/bucksfwi/?ref=bookmarks and feel free to contact us for any more information which you might need.

Joycelyn Cull, Federation Chairman