Following a very successful and enjoyable Annual Council Meeting on May 4th, may we introduce to you the 2023/24 Board of Trustees. All volunteers like yourself, are more than happy to take on the relevant duties on your behalf! They work best in collaboration with members, so if you have any suggestions for events, or general comments then do feel free to email or call 01296 767876 to leave a message with the office.

Chairman - Joycelyn Cull (Winslow Early Birds, Winslow WI)

Hon Treasurer - Sue Paxton (Padbury)

Vice-Chairman - Thelma Sackman (Winslow Early Birds, Winslow WI)

Vice-Chairman - Lynn Foster (Long Marston & Puttenham WI)

Assistant Treasurer - Hilary Haworth (Ashley Green WI)

Assistant Treasurer - Margaret Kaye (Long Marston & Puttenham WI)


Jenny Burton (Aylesbury Town WI)

Mary Chapman (Aylesbury Town WI)

Carole Green (Sands Valley Evening WI)

Natasha Huckle (Sherington Belles WI)

Linda Nicholls (Whitchurch WI)

Deborah Sanders Beaconsfield